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World Languages

Vision/Mission Statement: The Middle School World Language Department offers French, Latin, and Spanish classes which focus on the “five C’s” of language learning: Communication, Cultures, Comparisons, Communities, and Connections.
Through a variety of engaging, meaningful, and fun classroom activities, assignments, and real-life projects, students have ample opportunities to develop each of these areas while also practicing each of the three modes of communication: interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational.
Course Descriptions:

FRENCH: In this introductory course, conducted mostly in French, an emphasis is placed on developing student’s critical thinking, while students are exposed to the French-speaking world and its culture. Students begin to develop basic vocabulary and understand the structure of French grammar that they apply in their tasks and projects. This course is organized around thematic units of study guided by essential tasks that focus on different themes. Instruction will convene on a task-based learning approach where students use authentic language to do useful tasks. The instructional strategy in French class is a type of blended learning where the class is flipped to move the activities and tasks into the classroom while lectures are conducted afar, online, asynchronously

LATIN: This Latin course emphasizes the study of everyday life, history, mythology, politics, and literature in the Roman Empire with settings in Pompeii, Roman Britain and Alexandria. Students will have opportunities to explore the cultural and linguistic connections between ancient and modern worlds through the study of ancient Roman culture and Latin-English derivatives. Through extensive exposure to appropriately-adapted Latin readings, students will gain the skills and confidence necessary to meet the demands of subsequent levels of Latin, especially the reading of authentic Latin texts. Students will learn and communicate in the Latin language, read, write and communicate orally in Latin, and enjoy their increasing acquaintance with the Roman world. In using communicative approaches in the teaching and learning of Latin, students will benefit in acquiring language ability in Latin. Over the course of three years, students will develop a lifelong appreciation of the Latin language and classical civilization, and they will learn to apply lessons from this class to their own lives and communities.

SPANISH: In the Spanish program offered in Middle School, the learning process is focused on students to feel comfortable, and to become confident while using the language. These practices are based on the three modes of communication (Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational). Students are exposed to reading, listening and watching authentic material that will reinforce their oral and written communication, as well as to enable students to develop their understanding and practical use of the language. The culture of the Spanish speaking countries is another aspect students are exposed during the learning of the language. Students are challenged to have spontaneous but meaningful conversations. They also practice their language skills through the implementation of fun activities and projects. Students and teachers use their creativity as an exponential element to enrich the learning process.

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