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Theatre and Dance

    • The Addams Family (YOUNG@PART) -- Fall 4TH-8TH Musical

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GR K-8 - Theatre Program

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  • Theatre

    Middle School Curricular Drama Program
    The GR 6-8 curricular drama program is committed to providing engaging, innovative, high-quality theatre education to students of all cultures, ages, abilities, and levels of interest. We encourage students to grow both as artists and as people through lessons designed to stimulate the imagination; boost self-confidence; explore the body, voice, and mind; and develop skills of improvisation, play-making, acting, dance, and voice. We seek to inspire the artists and innovators of the future.

    After-School Theatre Program
    Our after-school theatre program offers additional dramatic opportunities for students in GR 4-8 who wish to extend beyond the classroom experiences. These full-scale productions are published plays and musicals which rehearse after school. We focus on performance skills, community building and personal sense of accomplishment and confidence.

    Additionally, every three years, our all-school musical invites performers from K-12 to take part in a marquis production. In this special opportunity, elder students take on leadership roles with younger students, family members across grades can perform together, and the cross-campus approach results in a highly memorable and outstanding experience for performers and audience members alike.

GR 9-12 Theatre & Dance Programs

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  • Theatre

    The SHP theatre program offers comprehensive experience for students interested in both performance and production.

    Acting & Performance
    Courses address foundational principles of acting--technique, improvisation, sense memory, scene objectives--to more advanced work in the development of personal monologues, scene study, textual analysis, to full scale productions and showcases.

    Technical Theatre Arts
    In addition, clubs and courses offer students interested in theatrical production and design - set building, costumes, stage makeup, etc. - and backstage management, as well.
  • Dance

    With two formal performances each year, and with the very active and competitive "Pulse Dance Team" student club, the dance program at SHS explores a range of physical movement and dance styles, while emphasizing musicality. Courses are offered at the beginning, intermediary, and advanced level.

    Performances are choreographed in concert with professional instructors, or as a collaborative student-led effort. The SHP Pulse Dance Team annually participates in local/regional competition, and regularly performs during halftime at SHP football and basketball games as well as for special school events.

Sacred Heart Schools Atherton

Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton

150 Valparaiso Ave
Atherton, CA 94027
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Founded by the Society of the Sacred Heart, SHS is a Catholic, independent, co-ed day school for students in preschool through grade 12