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    • LMS Instrumental band practices outside during COVID


GR 6-8 Music Programs

List of 4 items.

  • Band

    The GR 4-8 Band Program develops students’ individual and ensemble musicianship through playing a wind or percussion instrument. The ensembles read and perform music in a variety of styles and from a variety of eras, while building the sense of community that is central to the Sacred Heart tradition. This program is dedicated to a quality, comprehensive, sequential, National Arts and California State Standards-based music education
  • Chorus

    The Lower & Middle Schools' Chorus Program offers students the opportunity to experience music in a choral setting where they will develop both individual and ensemble musicianship skills. This program is dedicated to a quality, comprehensive, sequential, National Arts and California State Standards-based music education. Objectives include learning music theory, reading and writing music, and demonstrating proper vocal technique in solo and ensemble settings.
  • Strings

    At Sacred Heart, the Orchestra program strives to engage student’s hearts and minds while encouraging a lifelong appreciation of the arts. The program offers playing opportunities to facilitate students’ creative and analytical development, while building self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-discipline. This program is dedicated to a quality, comprehensive, sequential, National Arts Standards-based music education.
  • Other Music Courses & Clubs

    • Morning Chorus
      Morning Chorus is a come-all ensemble for students in grades 4-8. Students play games and learn songs to perform at the Holiday Treat and Spring Concert on the Hill.

    • Gator Tones
      Gator Tones is an auditioned middle school chamber ensemble that performs at the Holiday Treat, Concert on the Hill and various other engagements on and off campus.

    • Jazz Band
      Jazz Band is an auditioned ensemble of motivated students who want to play and perform jazz. This year-long club rehearses once a week before school and performs for the Fall and Winter Concerts and other school events. Jazz Band welcomes students with at least one year of experience on a wind or percussion instrument, as well as piano, bass, or guitar.

    • Strings: Un-Orchestra
      String chamber music is leveled for both lower- and middle-school students. Weekly rehearsals encompass both classical and contemporary string quartets and quintets. Interested students are welcome to audition each semester.

GR 9-12 Music Programs

List of 6 items.

  • Band, Concert

    Concert Band is for individuals looking to learn woodwind, brass, or percussion instruments. This one-year, performance-based course gives students the skills to read and perform music, understand basic music theory, and prepares them for the two large instrumental performances of the year. Members of Concert Band take part in Holiday Treat and the spring instrumental music concert as the newest members of Symphony to prepare them to step into the ensemble as fully fledged members in the following school year.
  • Band, Jazz

    The SHP Jazz Band is for advanced musicians playing any instrument, including keyboards and drums. In addition to Holiday Treat and the spring instrumental music concert, Jazz Band is featured at many SHP events, notably the St. Madeleine Sophie Awards, Open House, Chili Cook-Off, and the Senior Parent Dinner. Students perform a variety of repertoire from jazz standards to contemporary covers. Jazz Band welcomes soloists and collaborations.
  • Band, Symphony

    Symphony is for advanced string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instrumentalists. One of the premiere performing ensembles of SHP, Symphony performs at masses and services throughout the year, is showcased in the annual Holiday Treat, and is featured in the standalone instrumental music concert in the spring each school year. Music performed includes classic wind band and orchestral works, works by contemporary wind band composers, and student arrangements. Symphony proudly participates in adjudicated local and state festivals. 
    Symphony members also enjoy learning contemporary pop music as the SHP Pep Band, and attend several football and basketball games each year.
  • Chorus

    Sacred Heart Preparatory (SHP) provides many opportunities for vocalists.
    Advanced Chorus is the premiere group and requires an audition to join. The group tours at least every other year both internationally or nationally. Past trips include Carnegie Hall in New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Rome and Florence. The Advanced Chorus has earned excellent and superior ratings at many choir competitions and festivals throughout the country.

    Chorus 1 is a singing program that does not require an audition. It offers a relaxed atmosphere, and the students often choose many of the songs to sing. Chorus 1 performs at the annual Winter and Spring Concerts as well as nearby retirement centers, including Oakwood Center, our on-campus retirement community.

    SHP also features two fantastic a cappella groups: Singing Guys and Girls A Cappella.
  • Strings

    Sacred Heart’s string orchestra program currently consists of an intermediate/advanced ensemble and is open to violin, viola, ‘cello, and double bass instrumentalists. Our program focuses on both classical and contemporary string repertoire, rehearsal and performance technique (i.e., articulation, phrasing, and stylistic interpretation), music theory, and community performance experience. At the end of each semester the students will take part in a concert performance and the programs will reflect the work that we have done throughout the semester. Opportunities will be available for soloists as well as student-coordinated pieces. In addition to the regularly scheduled class rehearsals and end-of-semester concerts, the students will participate in master classes, workshops, and guest lectures/performances.
    Beginners are always welcome into the strings program!
  • Other Music Courses & Clubs

    Songwriting & Music Production
    This gives students the opportunity to experience the processes of contemporary musicianship. Students may choose to work independently or in groups, to play and write music.

    Recording labs and software allow students to experience the processes of creating and recording.

    Music Clubs
    Based on student interest, clubs include group instruction, rehearsal, and performance in a variety of instruments. Past clubs have emphasized flute, guitar, drum, and ukelele.

    Music as Ministry
    • Music Ministry: Students get the opportunity to serve our community by playing music for a variety of services, including Espacios, Masses, and other special events.
    • Oakwood Concert Series: This new music series made its successful debut in 2013, and is open to the entire student body. Once a month, a musical variety show is produced for the Religious of the Sacred Heart at Oakwood. Over 200 faculty and staff performed in six concerts throughout the year.

Competitions & Festivals

In recent years, the SHP (GR 9-12) instrumental band and choral groups have performed in the California All-State Honors Band, the CMEA Jazz West Festival, and numerous opportunities throughout the year. In addition, these groups have traveled during the summer to perform and compete  in Europe and domestically.
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