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Network of Sacred Heart Schools
    • Middle School Students walking to the swimming pool for athletics
Campus Life


Faith. Leadership. Service. Collaboration. Self-discovery. Woven throughout the curriculum and our principles of community, these are also the very characteristics that define daily life at SHS, outside the classroom.

Handed down from founder St. Madeleine Sophie, our directive is clear: to ensure a safe and welcoming campus, where a healthy balance between school and personal life is promoted, and where each person—whether student, faculty and staff, or family member—is valued, cared for, and respected.  Because of  our longstanding commitment to this ethos, in our community differences are celebrated, self-discovery is encouraged and supported, and opportunities to share individual talents and passions with the greater campus abound every single day.

SHS' broad array of co-curricular and enrichment programs for students provide an additional outlet for creativity and innovation, and enable students to challenge themselves and each other, to reach beyond the familiar and imagine new possibilities, and to develop essential skills such as teamwork, self-discipline, and perseverance. The breadth of student clubs and organizations reflect ever-changing and diverse interests, and importantly, provide the means for students to test leadership abilities, practice individual responsibility, and learn how to effectively work together with peers in pursuit of common goals.

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    Brian Bell 

    Assistant Principal Community Life - SHP
Where Scholarship and Values Matter
Founded by the Society of the Sacred Heart, SHS is a Catholic, independent, co-ed day school for students in preschool through grade 12