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Campus Life
Health and Wellness

Health Services

At Sacred Heart, prioritizing the health and wellness of our students is paramount to our educational mission and core community values. Ensuring student health throughout the school day, as well as attending to our larger campus community's health is a central focus of our nursing team. 

In addition to the upkeep of student health records, emergency response, and daily minor medical assistance, our nursing team also plays an instrumental role in a situation of significant health impact, such as the recent/ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  Serving in both a functional and advisory capacity, these skilled health professionals help drive and implement school health practices and policy to keep our students, faculty, staff, visitors, and RSCJ residents as safe and healthy as possible.

Campus Health Rooms

Our campus Health Rooms exists as a protected space where students can recover, and where a school nurse is on-site. With rest, medication and small interventions, students are often able to return to class rather than having to leave school.

Our mission is to respectfully and compassionately assist students to maintain or regain health in body, mind, and spirit. We commit to doing so mindfully, while conforming to the goals of a Sacred Heart education.

The decision to send a student home from campus is one occasionally made by the school nurse. More often, she assists the student in making that decision after conferring with a parent. The goal is to help students to make wise choices about their own well-being.
On the Preschool - GR 8 side of campus, the Health Room is adjacent to the nurse's office in Murphy Administration Building.

On the SHP side of campus, the Health Room is located on the second floor of the Michael J. Homer Science and Community Life Center (Rm #212). 

Role of Preschool - GR 8 Nurse

In addition to assisting students in need of minor medical attention during the school day, the role of the P-8 nurse is to work with parents and outside providers to ensure the best possible student health is maintained.

Upkeep of immunization records, communication with parents/guardians regarding their student(s)'s health, monitoring for possible sports-related concussion, and administering emergency medication to students all fall under the P-8 nurse's purview, as does advising senior leadership about emerging health issues/trends and and disseminating timely related alerts to the school community.

Role of SHP (GR 9-12) Nurse

Working closely with the school counselor and the academic advisors, the SHP school nurse helps ensure that students - in particular those who have utilized the Health Room - are following a balanced program of academics and extracurricular activities. She collaborates with those same people in identifying physical, emotional, or social concerns that may limit or impede an individual’s educational growth.

In addition to treating individual students, the school nurse maintains immunization records; advises senior leadership and disseminates timely alerts about health issues at school; and coordinates campus-wide preventive vaccinations, such as flu shots. The school nurse also maintains and upkeeps epipens and AEDs disbursed throughout campus, and trains volunteer faculty and staff in their use. 

School Nurses

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Donna Stevenson

    Donna Stevenson 

    School Nurse - P-8
  • Photo of Virginia Carter-West

    Virginia Carter-West 

    Preparatory School Nurse

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