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Network of Sacred Heart Schools
    • SHP Class of 2021 Graduation held in May 2021

College Counseling

Finding the right college does not have to be an overwhelming or discouraging process.  In fact, it can and should be fun. Our aim is that by May of a student’s senior year, he or she will have found the right collegiate match in terms of academic, geographic, social, athletic, and economic standards. 

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the college counseling office asserts that:

  • Every student should seek to find the right fit, regardless of perceived prestige or rigor of admission.
  • Every student should be afforded equal and individual attention in the college application process.
  • The college process, in alignment with the Goals & Criteria of a Sacred Heart education, should foster an environment of growing knowledge, thoughtful questioning, and an intentional integration of the skills and desires of each student. 

Our Process

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  • Role of the Counselor

    Our belief is that a student comes to our office with the tools needed to make wise choices about college and the college application process, and that our role is to aid and support that student in the journey of selecting a school. We seek to provide the individual and community information, advice, and support necessary to clarify the college process, and to lead each student to optimal success. We hope to empower students to take charge of the process for themselves as they move toward a goal of personal responsibility and self-advocacy in college, and in the future.

    The College Counselors serve as the link between students and colleges, providing insight into a student’s strengths and accomplishments in the context of our community. It is our pleasure to serve as advocates for the students of Sacred Heart, and to share in their eventual successes as they move on to the next step of their education.

    Counselors will work to help students identify their strengths, needs, and expectations for college, and to reinforce each student’s innate worthiness to pursue a college education. We hope to serve as a constant reminder that who an individual is will neither be enhanced, nor diminished, based on where that student is accepted to college.
  • Role of the Student

    It is our expectation that each student will take responsibility for initiating and investing in the college process, and seek help from the college counselor as needed. We hope to enable our students to work to the best of their ability and to make wise choices throughout the college admission process. Students will be responsible for all aspects of the application process, including:
    • Completing each application with truthful, original, and thorough responses to application questions
    • Taking standardized tests as needed, and sending scores to appropriate colleges
    • Initiating and completing the interview process at each college as appropriate
    • Initiating requests for recommendation letters from teachers and outside recommenders as appropriate
    • Informing the College Counseling office of the outcome of every completed application, and eventual college choice
  • Role of the Parent

    It is our expectation that parents will fully support their student(s) through the college process, keeping focused attention to the goal of creating a breadth of ‘best fit’ options for their child. We wish to partner with parents, responding to their needs for information and direction, while keeping the student as the primary driver in the process of applying to and selecting a college, helping to hone the skills needed to succeed at the next educational level. Parents can best help their students to successful and gratifying outcomes by addressing the following items:

    • Cosely read the College Counseling Handbook (Gator Guide), become familiar with college search tools (Naviance, SCOIR), read all mailings and emails from the College Counseling office, and come to workshops/programs that are put on by the College Counseling office
    • Be candid about the parameters of the college search to the child including financial need, distance from home, or other factors that may affect a student’s ability to apply to a particular school
    • Not rely on U.S. News and World Report rankings, or believe rumors about the college admission process
    • Be open to new suggestions and even “unknown” colleges. Help your child to understand that there is more than one college that will be the perfect place for them
    • Listen to what your child is saying about the college process and be a sounding board for your child. Be aware of what your child is not saying as well. Avoid pushing or forcing your preferences or biases regarding college choices. Help your child think about who he really is, and which colleges may be a fit
    • Keep the lines of communication open with your child throughout the process
    • Be encouraging, supportive, optimistic, and realistic, offering advice and guidance when appropriate. Celebrate your child's many accomplishments.
    • Complete the Parent Questionnaire by the deadline

Standards & Practice

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College Representatives - Scheduling a Visit

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  • Schedule a Visit

    Sacred Heart Prep and Menlo School will collaborate this fall and offer joint virtual visits before and after school for our seniors. These visits will take place in the fall from August 24 through October 30, 2020. Visits will only take place virtually at 8:00 a.m. or 3:15 p.m. daily. If you’d like to schedule a joint Menlo/SHP visit, please contact Marilyn Coffey at mcoffey@shschools.org or 650.473.4017. Additionally, you can request an individual visit to Sacred Heart Preparatory School by contacting Marilyn or using Scoir. SHP will provide a Zoom link for these meetings.
CEEB/ACT Code: 051955 


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  • Photo of Lauri Badar

    Lauri Badar 

    Director of College Counseling
  • Photo of Joel Dobben

    Joel Dobben 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
  • Photo of Beatriz Hodavdekar

    Beatriz Hodavdekar 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
  • Photo of Alinne Ortiz

    Alinne Ortiz 

    Scholarship & Testing Coordinator - SHP
  • Photo of Silke Sen

    Silke Sen 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
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