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    • Bird's Eye View of Sacred Heart Schools Atherton

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Welcome to Sacred Heart Schools, a preschool - high school independent Catholic school located in the heart of Atherton.

We have a beautiful, 63-acre campus that houses eight academic buildings; two performing arts venues; an aquatics center, three gyms, and multiple sports fields; a working farm and garden; maker studios, sacred spaces, and play areas - and so much more to explore!

Our students truly make this place their own, and it is our hope that you, too, will be able to join us here on campus, soon. In the meantime though, we invite you to use the links below to enjoy our virtual tours, led by some of our wonderful student hosts.

Take A Student-Led Tour

Discover the magic of our 63 acre campus through divisional tours, led by the students and teachers who bring our community to life.

Excited to Learn More?

    • The entrance to the Middle School Courtyard at Sacred Heart Schools Atherton
Experience Sacred Heart Schools first hand, online.  Explore our immersive virtual events to help you learn what makes our community, "the second happiest place on earth." Join us for live events and video on demand covering the topics that matter to students and parents most.

Visitor Parking

Entrance Gates

Main entry gate for SHP is on Valparaiso Ave.
Main entry gate for LMS and PSK is on Emilie Ave.
Visitor spaces are available in the following parking lots:
  • the St. Joseph’s lot, accessible through the Park Ln. gate
  • the McGowan lot, accessible through the Emilie gate
  • the Dunlevie Aquatics Center lot, accessible through the Park Ln. gate
  • the SHP lot, accessible through the Valparaiso Ave. gate

Limited visitor parking is also available on the road adjacent to the Main Building, accessible via the main Valparaiso gate.

Related areas

Town of Atherton

A significant and longstanding member of the Town of Atherton,  SHS continues to be a strong partner with the city, serving the educational needs of numerous resident families, working collaboratively to achieve school-city objectives related to sustainability and neighborhood safety, and serving as a local resource for cultural, sporting, and community service activities and programs.

Learn more about the Town of Atherton.

Oakwood Retirement Center

Originally launched as a single structure building, Oakwood Retirement Center currently includes multiple structures, resident rooms and apartments, a special care wing, a chapel, and a number of common areas, including a dining hall, meeting room, art studio, library, and computer bank. Gardens on the property are maintained in part by residents, and are often the site of intimate school receptions or traditional gouters.

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Sacred Heart Schools Atherton

Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton

150 Valparaiso Ave
Atherton, CA 94027
650 322 1866
Founded by the Society of the Sacred Heart, SHS is a Catholic, independent, co-ed day school for students in preschool through grade 12