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    • Annual Fund Gratitude Day at Sacred Heart Schools Atherton
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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the primary and most critical fundraising priority at Sacred Heart Schools. While the tuition is considerable, it does not cover the full cost of educating each student. Like all independent schools, we rely on the Annual Fund to bridge the gap.  Our focus continues to be on our incredible community and partnering to provide the best education for all students.

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  • About the Annual Fund

    The Annual Fund supports:
    • Innovative and rigorous academic programs
    • Cutting-edge technology to support all forms of learning
    • Tuition Assistance for an economically diverse student body
    • Maintain campus operations & environment

    Operating Expenses
  • Community Participation

    Close to 100% of current families, faculty, staff, and trustees have joined alumni, past parents, and friends to support this vital fundraising campaign that supports all students, each and every day. By joining together to pledge your support, you will help to collectively bridge the gap. Every gift counts!

    All donations are tax-deductible.

Annual Fund FAQs

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  • Why is the Annual Fund important?

    The Annual Fund provides flexible, unrestricted income for programs that are critical to a Sacred Heart education and allow the school to meet the highest needs in the current year. Like all independent schools, our Annual Fund fills the gap between tuition and other revenue and the true cost of providing a Sacred Heart education.  It enables us to maintain our top-tier faculty and staff, rigorous academics, co-curricular programs, and an economically diverse student body. Your gift to the Annual Fund touches the lives of each and every student.
  • Why not just raise tuition?

    The Annual Fund goes directly to the current operation budget, which minimizes tuition increases. Raising tuition to the actual cost of educating each student would place too large a burden on many families, making it impossible for their children to attend Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton. By containing tuition costs through your support of the Annual Fund, SHS is able to fulfill its commitment to attract talented and deserving students. Additionally, donations to SHS are 100% tax deductible, and many donations qualify for additional contributions from corporate Matching Gift Programs.
  • How much are families expected to donate and what is "the gap"?

    Sacred Heart is an economically diverse community and each family is asked to thoughtfully consider a gift that will be personally meaningful. While “the gap” is a starting point for consideration of gift size, not all families are able to contribute the full amount, and some families can give more. It is a personal decision; each family is requested to participate to the best of their ability.
    2023-24 Annual Fund Gap
    Preschool - Kindergarten
    Lower School - Gr. 1-5
    Middle School - Gr. 6-8
    Prep - Gr. 9-12
  • Why is 100% participation so crucial?

    School-wide participation in the Annual Fund is a testament to the community’s strong commitment to the mission of the school and to the goals of a Sacred Heart education. Achieving 100% participation builds community, identifies solidarity, and often inspires significant additional gifts. All Annual Fund gifts—large and small—make a collective impact which benefits each and every student.
  • Who is asked to make Annual Fund gifts?

    Everyone in the school community—trustees, faculty, staff, current parents, past parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends—is asked to participate in the Annual Fund. In recent years, nearly 100 percent of trustees, faculty, staff, and current parents have pledged support to the Annual Fund.
  • What is a matching gift?

    Many companies will match the value of charitable gifts made by their employees. Generally, your employer’s Human Resource department will know if your company participates in a matching program and, if so, will provide the necessary forms and instructions to initiate the match. Matching gifts are a great way to leverage Annual Fund donations.
  • What is the Director’s Club?

    The Director’s Club honors Annual Fund donors of $10,000 or more at a spring cocktail reception hosted by the Director of Schools, Richard A. Dioli.
  • Can I restrict my Annual Fund gift to a specific program or interest?

    Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund are strongly encouraged, as they allow the school to meet the most pressing current needs. However, to discuss a specific request, please contact Mary Smoker at msmoker@shschools.org.

Giving Societies

1898 Society $100,000+
Bell Tower Society $50,000-$99,999
Très Bien Society $25,000-$49,999
Sacré Coeur Society $10,000-$24,999
Barat Society $5,000-$9,999
Duchesne Society $2,500-$4,999
Stuart Society $1,000-$2,499
Fox Society $500-$999
Porte-Cochère Society Up to $499

Gifts made to the Annual Fund totaling $10,000+ ensure membership in the Director's Club.

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  • Photo of Mary Smoker

    Mary Smoker 

    Director of Annual Fund

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