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College Counseling

Role of College Counselor

So as to ensure a student-centered experience aligned with the values of a Sacred Heart education, the SHP College Counselor
  • Be present and engaged with students and parents to guide, counsel, and advise on matters regarding the college research and application process.
  • Advise, but not dictate where the student should apply or enroll.
  • Meet with students and parents on a regular basis. The responsibility of scheduling is always the student’s.
    • Students - When indicated by SHP’s College Counseling Office (typically mid-junior year) you may schedule your first appointment utilizing your counselor’s “YouCanBook.me” link. We expect to meet with all students individually by mid-February. You’re welcome to schedule your first meeting as a family meeting. Please be sure to select a time during which all attendees are available to participate.
    • Parents - Plan to attend the family meeting as the starting point for the student's 1:1 counseling. Subsequently, the student will request your participation in any additional meetings, as needed. Our shared goal is to always include the student in any of our conversations, as it is critically important for students to maintain ownership of their college process at all times.
  • Offer comprehensive programming to equip each student with all relevant information necessary to take ownership of the college application process.
  • Help the student to better understand what colleges value in their applicants and assist students in presenting themselves in the best possible manner.
  • Offer a realistic assessment of expected application outcomes during the fall of senior year.
  • Ensure that you have several college options by requiring that your final list includes at least two ‘likely’ colleges.
  • Write a comprehensive, honest letter of recommendation for each student utilizing information provided by the student, parents, coaches, teachers and/or activity sponsors/moderators.
  • Provide the following information on time to colleges on the student’s Scoir “applying” and “applied” list which locks on October 1 of the student’s senior year:
    • Secondary School Report including the SHP School Profile
    • Initial Transcript (6th Semester)
    • Counselor Letter of Recommendation
    • Teacher Recommendation(s)
    • Midyear Report (7th Semester Transcript) - sent in January of senior year
    • Final Transcript - sent in June only to the college to which the student has matriculated 
  • Keep abreast of college admission trends and other relevant important developments.
  • Maintain relationships with college admission professionals, particularly those designated to serve SHP students.
  • Serve as the student’s advocate and ally throughout the process.
  • Assist and guide students in cultivating self-reliant ownership of each task inherent in the college application process.

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