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Mentor Program

The SHS Alumni Association comprises thousands of graduates who have entered and progressed in a variety of professional fields. Capitalizing on the expertise of our alumni and past parents, their desire to give back to Sacred Heart, a request from younger alumni for more career resources and opportunities, and our driving goal to further strengthen and enhance the overall SHS alumni network, the Alumni Board has created a dynamic, initiative: the Alumni Mentor Program (AMP).

In this exclusive opportunity benefiting SHS graduates, AMP matches college-aged students and recent college graduates (MENTEES) with more seasoned alumni and past parent professionals (MENTORS) for ongoing communication, interaction, and tailored career advice in a one-to-one format.

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  • The Benefits of Participation

    In addition to gaining insight on industry outlook, emerging trends, and possible job shadowing, internship, or employment openings, MENTEES will learn from experienced pros about a variety of essential topics: negotiating workplace culture and etiquette, resume-building, acing the interview, recommendations for auxiliary training or certifications, and other necessary tips and tools for success.
    Providing invaluable support to SHS through gifts of time and talent, MENTORS will be able to leverage specific and general employment expertise, share lessons learned and field perspective, network with fellow colleagues, and deliver critical, practical, and timely career guidance to younger SHS alumni.
  • Who can apply to be a mentor/mentee?

    Currently, we are seeking candidates in both groups, Mentors will be added to our "Digital Mentor Directory" to be shared with alumni mentees who sign up.

    Mentor requirements:
    • SHS alumni at least two years past college graduation (>SHP '09 or >SJS '05) and past parents of Sacred Heart alumni
    • Currently employed, holding rising, mid-level, or senior position
    • All industries welcomed
    • Willing and able to commit to minimal AMP responsibilities

    Mentee requirements:
    • Alumni of Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton
    • Currently enrolled in college or recent college graduate
    • Motivated to meaningfully explore career field (s), secure employment or internship, and open to direction/guidance
    • Willing and able to commit to minimal AMP responsibilities
  • How it Works

    Each MENTEE who signed up will be given a "Digital Mentor Directory"--a list of alumni and past parent working professionals in multiple fields and industries. The mentee will contact a mentor from the Digital Mentor Directory for communication, formal or informal, which can occur online, phone, or in-person.

Program FAQs

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  • What's the time commitment as a mentor/mentee?

    Actual time spentis entirely up to the mentee and mentor however, we recommend setting a schedule to touch base via email, Skype, phone, or in-person at minimum once per month for one year.
  • How will I get paired up?

    Following receipt of the mentor/mentee application form, submitted information will be reviewed and added to the Digital Mentor Directory and shared with the mentees.
  • How soon can I expect to be matched?

    In this initial program year, we anticipate making up to 20 matches. However, our ability to meet this target is largely dependent on the number of mentor/mentee applications we receive, and the spectrum of desirable fields represented in both candidate pools.
  • Do I have to be in the same geographical area as my mentor/mentee?

    No. The program is intended to connect SHS alumni and past parents with common career interests, regardless of location. Communication can be conducted entirely online, via phone, or by other means.
  • As a mentor, am I expected to provide an employment or internship opportunity?

    No. While we do encourage information-sharing about known or upcoming opportunities that might be a good fit for your mentee, mentors are under no obligation to facilitate employment.


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    Shannon Melinauskas 

    Manager, Alumni & Past Parent Engagement

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