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College Counseling

Role of the Parent/Guardian

It is our expectation that parents will fully support their student(s) through the college process, keeping focused attention to the goal of creating a breadth of ‘best fit’ options for their child. We wish to partner with parents, responding to their needs for information and direction, while keeping the student as the primary driver in the process of applying to and selecting a college, helping to hone the skills needed to succeed at the next educational level.

Parents can best help their students to successful and gratifying outcomes by addressing the following items:

  • Closely read the College Counseling Handbook (Gator Guide), become familiar with college search tools (Naviance, SCOIR), read all mailings and emails from the College Counseling office, and come to workshops/programs that are put on by the College Counseling office

  • Be candid about the parameters of the college search to the child including financial need, distance from home, or other factors that may affect a student’s ability to apply to a particular school

  • Do not rely on U.S. News and World Report rankings, or believe rumors about the college admission process

  • Be open to new suggestions and even “unknown” colleges. Help your child to understand that there is more than one college that will be the perfect place for them

  • Listen to what your child is saying about the college process and be a sounding board for your child. Be aware of what your child is not saying as well. Avoid pushing or forcing your preferences or biases regarding college choices. Help your child think about who he really is, and which colleges may be a fit

  • Keep the lines of communication open with your child throughout the process

  • Be encouraging, supportive, optimistic, and realistic, offering advice and guidance when appropriate. Celebrate your child's many accomplishments.

  • Complete the Parent Questionnaire by the deadline
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