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Fine Arts

Vision/Mission Statement: Sacred Heart’s Middle School Fine Arts program includes Drama, Chorus, String Orchestra, Band, and Visual Arts. The Fine Arts program strives to enhance creativity, improve self-esteem, develop collaborative work habits and give students a foundation in Arts appreciation. Students hone their technical skills while cultivating critical thinking and creative expression.
Course Descriptions:

DRAMA: In Middle School Drama courses, students will participate in improvisational activities using effective vocal expression, gesture, facial expression, and timing to create character and well-told stories. Sixth graders will focus on historical dramas such as Greek and Medieval styles. Seventh graders will focus on cultural drama from Asia, Italian Commedia dell'arte as well as Shakespeare studies. Eighth-grade electives will focus on film studies and one-act play creation. All of these explorations will enhance creativity, improve self-esteem, and develop collaborative work habits.

  • CHORUS: Middle School Chorus is for students with all levels of experience where they will learn the basics of performing in a choral ensemble. This program will be dedicated to a quality, comprehensive, sequential, California Standards and National Common Core Standards-based curriculum. Students will develop the skills to sight-read music and sing with proper and healthy vocal technique, as well as study and perform works from various musical genres and in a variety of languages while building the sense of community that is central to the Sacred Heart tradition.
  • STRING ORCHESTRA: Orchestra is a two to three-year commitment to immerse students in the musical community of stringed instruments. Instruction is offered in violin, viola, cello and double bass in a traditional orchestra rehearsal format. Students may join one of two levels in 6th grade, as beginners in Allegro Orchestra or as players with experience in Concert Orchestra. The following years, seventh-grade Orchestra and eighth-grade Symphony progress through advanced skills and refine their core musicianship. Middle School Orchestra members learn about leadership, diligence, critical listening, collaboration, and the creative process. Students will learn classical playing technique and appreciation for classical masterworks but will also experience modern original works, improvisation, and contemporary styles.
  • BAND: The Middle School Band program provides exciting, interactive experiences for students of various musical levels on all wind and percussion instruments. The program is dedicated to a quality, comprehensive, sequential, California Standards and National Common Core Standards-based music education.  Objectives include learning music theory, reading and writing music, and demonstrating instrumental skills in solo and ensemble settings. Students will exercise critical listening skills through individual practice and group rehearsal while preparing for multiple performances with music from a variety of genres. 

Sacred Heart Schools Atherton

Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton

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Founded by the Society of the Sacred Heart, SHS is a Catholic, independent, co-ed day school for students in preschool through grade 12