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    • The Main Building of Sacred Heart Schools

Burgundy & Books

Heritage Room, Main Building 1st Floor
Alumni & PALs are invited to join book enthusiasts for a meaningful conversation led by retired SHP English teacher and Department Chair Connie Solari that includes a guided odyssey through literary classics, modern novels, and a great discussion over wine.

Please join us in person with Connie Solari to discuss 
Small Things Like These by Clarie Keegan. 
Irish writer Claire Keegan has long been known for her powerful short stories. As one recent Booker Prize-winning author said, “She can say so much, and be so loud with very little.” Her most recent work, Small Things Like These, is a mere 116 pages long, but it manages to convey a vast complexity of social and ethical issues within a small Irish town in the late 20th century. The simplicity of her prose exists in beautiful tension with the magnitude of the conundrum faced by the protagonist: How do we behave when faced with a situation we know to be morally wrong—especially when challenging it might cost us greatly? It is a text, in other words, that seems perfect for a Sacred Heart audience. I recently spoke with an SHP English teacher who taught the book last semester to her seniors; she said it provoked the most thoughtful discussion she’d yet enjoyed with a group of students. 
Since the book is so short, you may wish to pair it with Foster, Keegan’s earlier novella. At only 92 pages, Keegan calls it a “long short story.” It has also been made into a film, The Quiet Girl, which was nominated for the 2023 Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. It is available to stream on several platforms.

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