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Educating For A Lifetime


Our MissionEducating the Whole Child

At Sacred Heart, our mission is to cultivate in our students a personal and active faith in God and lay the foundation for a meaningful life.

But this is not something that happens overnight. So, we give our students the love, tools, and wise freedom to grow into their highest selves. We encourage them to strive for excellence, appreciate setbacks, cultivate resilience, nurture relationships, and embrace differences. Together, we live our values in community and put our faith into action.

And as a result, our students - preschool to high school - exponentially grow in heart, mind, and body, deeply curious about the world they live in, driven to fulfill their unique purpose, and eager to make the future better for all. 
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A Sacred Heart Education

We view each of our students as the presence of God, unique and beautiful, and with infinite worth. We are privileged to nurture their individuality, guide their academic pursuits, and prepare them to lead future generations to a more just and caring world. Providing a whole child education in the Sacred Heart tradition, therefore, we see our role is to love each child deeply, to help them identify and nurture their respective talents, and ultimately to help them grow in compassion, character, and confidence, and with a deep sense of purpose.

To achieve this, our educational philosophy and community ethos follow five primary goals: faith, intellect, service, community, and growth.

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Sacred Heart is a Catholic, independent school as interpreted and lived by our founding Order, the Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ). "Independent" means we are autonomous in what and how we teach, while our unique Catholic identity, mission, and goals are tied to the historic priorities and charism of the RSCJ. Our 63-acre campus is palpably filled with love, spirit, joy, community - which is why the moment students enter our grounds, from preschool to high school, they are well-supported to challenge themselves to greater transformation, achievement, and growth.

We are different by design - and we invite you to experience for yourself what our Sacred Heart "Love. Confidence. Purpose." is all about.


Sacred Heart Schools Atherton

Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton

150 Valparaiso Ave
Atherton, CA 94027
650 322 1866
Founded by the Society of the Sacred Heart, SHS is a Catholic, independent, co-ed day school for students in preschool through grade 12