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All Abuzz

Early spring round-up of arts projects from the Lower & Middle Schools

All Abuzz
Lower School art teacher Ciara Bedingfield introduced the study of bees with students in a way that some might say “cross-pollinates” with studies in other subjects. 
“Students study the Ohlone and native plants in the third grade–this year they drew native California plants that bees pollinate; we have a beehive on campus and Dr. Slafter teaches about producing honey; in science they learn about bees and pollination—our art projects connect to a lot of our other studies here on campus,” said Bedingfield. 
Among the projects are 3D bee models crafted by second graders that the fourth graders will then program with motors in the Creativity Hub so each bee does a “waggle dance”; and fourth graders sketched anatomically-correct designs of bees brought to life in oversized, paper mache models made out of recycled materials.
Following a school-wide theme of “belonging” for the 2023-24 academic year, students from Preschool through Grade 8—along with faculty and staff—are engaging in a group art project, a mural titled “Beelonging.” Each individual will create a small piece of artwork on a hexagon-shaped tile; once put together, the tiles will build a colorful honeycomb exploring what it means to belong and welcome others into a sense of belonging. Among the projects are marbled ink tiles created by preschools under the guidance of fourth graders; bee thumbprints with first graders and their eighth grade buddies working together (“buddies” refers to a longstanding program in which each first grader is paired with an eighth grade buddy for fun activities throughout the school year); third graders made designs depicting native California pollinator plants rendered in tooling foil; and seventh graders researched the history of beekeeping in Middle School Social Studies teacher Jen Vaida’s class, creating miniature collages on the wooden hexagons. The theme of belonging is connected to several school programs, including restorative practices, affinity groups, advisories, and other intentional spaces where the SHS community can learn from one another. The mural is slated to be installed as a permanent indoor display on campus before the end of the spring semester. 
Propagated Prints
In fifth grade art, students propagated syngonium by taking cuttings and placing them in water to root; they sketched the plants, then made colorful collages by enlarging the artwork using a grid system to create larger art works. They then made coil pots in clay, scratching each coil as they layered to build a strong flowerpot that was later fired in the kiln. Finally, they planted their syngonium in the pots to take home.

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