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Network of Sacred Heart Schools

SHP Summer Academics

SHP SUMMER SCHOOL 2019 HAS CONCLUDED. Information is for reference only.

SHP students who typically thrive in summer school blended courses are self-directed, motivated, technology proficient, and independent learners. Students must be comfortable studying, participating in online discussions, and learning in an online environment. They must have regular access to a computer and the internet for the entire duration of the course. While online learning has flexibility, these courses require regular online participation, meeting submission deadlines, and face-to-face meetings as determined by the course instructor.
Registration deadline extended to May 15, 2019. There are openings in Geometry Jump, Psychology, Health & Wellness and Exploring Computer Science (section 2 added).

There are maximum enrollment restrictions; please see the specific details under the course descriptions. Courses without enough enrollment will not be offered. We will have a wait list, but space is not guaranteed.

While in-class meetings vary, per class, please note: all summer classes follow a 6-week schedule and students are expected to keep up with work for the duration of the entire course, both online and in person.

There are maximum enrollment restrictions; please see the specific details under the course descriptions. Courses without enough enrollment will not be offered. We will have a wait list, but space is not guaranteed.  Please contact the course instructor to add your name to the waitlist.

Course Descriptions Summer 2019

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  • ACADEMIC EDGE - By Invitation Only

    Sacred Heart offers several summer courses that provide SHP students the opportunity to preview material covered in their fall semester classes. These courses are offered on an invitation basis. The courses are offered over three weeks during the last week of July and the first two weeks of August. iPads will be available for use for summer courses, as needed.

    2019 Schedule

    July 22-Aug 9 daily (15 sessions) - only two absences are allowed
    Exception: Pre-Soph English is 2 weeks, with a longer instruction time - see below

    Building Confidence & Skills for Math and Science
    Instructor: J. Mitchell
    Location : Homer 218

    Instructor : J. Reyes
    Location : Homer 219

    Pre-Algebra II
    Instructor: S. Bell
    Location : Homer 220

    Pre-Frosh English
    Instructor: F. Picetti
    Location: MB 223 MB 208

    Pre-Soph English
    Instructor: C. O'Donnell - 2 week course July 22-August 2
    Location: MB221 MB225

    12:15pm - 1:45pm
    Biology Prep Instructor: D. Sweeney
    Location: Homer 214

    Registration opens May 1, 2019 at 8:00am and closes May 31, 2019 at 8:00am. 

    $600 per course
    Academic Edge Registration by Invitation Only >>
  • CS/CI Exploring Computer Science - TWO SECTIONS

    Open to all SHP students, including Incoming Freshmen (with permission of School Counselor)

    This 60-hour semester course will introduce students to computational thinking while they explore their “digital world.” This course explores the history of computing, the Internet, human-computer interaction, computational problem solving, web design, hardware basics, data, digital literacy, ethical and appropriate uses of technology, and programming. Additionally, students will learn to manage a digital workflow through online organization and collaboration. While the course is not a full programming class, students will gain an understanding of programming through many small coding exercises, primarily using HTML5 and Python. Through project-based learning, students will answer questions such as: How do I make a web page? What happens when I connect to the Internet? Where/what is "the cloud"? What can I do with data? What is a computer program? How do computers and computer programs run? This course will be delivered in 6 modules that will be released on a weekly basis. Students will be expected to spend 2 hours per day watching videos, interacting with posts, and completing assignments. Students will need internet access as well as a laptop or desktop computer. This course has UC approval.

    Dates: June 8- June 26 (3 weeks)

    SECTION 1 
    On-Campus Class Meetings (all other instruction will be online)
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
    Final Project Due: June 26

    SECTION 2:
    Wednesday, Friday

    Final Project Due: June 26

    Instructor: L. Pham
    Prerequisites: Either section open to all SHP students, including rising Freshmen (with permission of School Counselor)
    Location: CAM 156
    Maximum enrollment: 18
    Tuition: $1,100
  • ENGLISH - Senior Writers Workshop (Enrichment) - CLASS FULL

    This seminar course provides the structure and support to guide students through the college essay writing process, from brainstorming and idea formation to the final editing process. The workshop days are scheduled to naturally follow the writing process, with single day meetings in June, August and October. This workshop is designed to be a hands-on writing seminar for students who want to work on their individual college essays. The course will not present material different from that offered to every rising senior student at “College Kick Off”; but rather will offer a forum for a student to work through writing the college essay with individual support and guidance. The instructors will help each student access his or her individual voice, helping them focus on his or her unique attributes. Instructors will provide editing suggestions and assistance throughout the writing process.
    Open to: Rising Seniors and for enrichment only

    Instructors: L. Harper, D. Kennedy & D. Chung
    In-class dates: Monday, June 3 & Tuesday, June 4
    Tuesday, August 13 & Wednesday, August 14
    October 2019 TBD
    Virtual check-in: Tuesday, July 16
    Location: MB208 MB331
    Maximum enrollment: 30
    Tuition: $900
  • GOA - Summer Classes

    Registration is done separately for GOA classes.
    Tuition for GOA is $1,000 per course and courses are enrichment electives that do not bear credit for SHP graduation requirements. For questions about taking GOA courses and the impact on their SHP transcript, students should speak with their School Counselor and/or College Counselor.
    GOA Catalog >>
  • Health and Wellness

    Health & Wellness is a one semester requirement that is part of the school's overall commitment to providing students with ongoing opportunities to learn about health related topics and to reflect upon individual decision-making in the context of the SHP community and beyond. The emphasis of the program is to promote balance, safety, self-reflection, and the skills to navigate various situations and decisions that students may encounter throughout their teenage years. A major goal of the course is to build healthy communities where individuals look out for one another and feel empowered to make healthy decisions. Topics of the course include: Adolescent Development, Identity, Conformity & Bystander Effects, Physical Health, Mental Health, Relationships, Communication, Substance Use, Sexual Health, Technology & Social Media. This course has UC approval.

    Dates: Monday-Friday June 8- June 26 (3 weeks)
    Morning Section (for Incoming Freshman) -  8:30am - 12pm Registration is by invitation only, with permission of school counselor.
    Afternoon Section (Rising Sophomores) 12:30pm-4:00pm
    Instructor M.Nagy
    Prerequisites: Rising Sophomores or Incoming Freshmen (with permission of School Counselor)
    Location :  MB120
    Maximum enrollment per section: 18
    Tuition: $1,100
  • MATH - Geometry Jump

    This course covers the same material as a full-year high school Geometry course in a very intensive fashion. The main purpose is to develop understanding of concepts in plane, solid and coordinate geometry, the skills to apply these concepts to solve problems, and the ability to construct formal arguments and proofs. Topics include angles, parallel lines, triangles and other types of polygons, congruence, similarity, circles, various types of solid figures, area, volume, coordinate geometry, and basic right triangle trigonometry. Throughout the course there is a committed and consistent effort to review and use algebraic skills in the context of solving geometrical problems. This is a UC approved course.

    No more than two (2) excused or unexcused absences are allowed; SHP will call parents if attendance becomes an issue and a third absence will result in withdrawal from the course.

    Open to: Rising Sophomores Only
    Prerequisites: for SHP students an A- or above for Algebra I; for non SHP students an A in both semesters of Algebra I and a letter of recommendation from current Algebra I teacher
    Dates: 6/8-7/17 Monday-Friday
    July 4th Holiday TBD
    Maximum enrollment: 18
    Tuition: $1,500

    This course deals with three basic relationships of life: self (identity), God, and other people. Students are asked to examine their experiences, attitudes, and beliefs about personal identity, sexuality, spirituality, family relationships, friendships, dating, and marriage. The class explores how we are called to act towards one another in light of human dignity, sin, grace and reconciliation. In addition, reading, research, and discussions invite students to dialogue with moral and intellectual sources from the Catholic-Christian tradition, and other appropriate resources from theology, sociology, and psychology.
    : Hennessey
    Open to: Rising Seniors
    On Campus Class Meetings: June 11, 12, 19, 26; July 9,10
    Location : MB122
    Maximum enrollment: 18
    Tuition: $1,100

    This course examines the scriptural and traditional underpinnings of a “faith that does justice” and analyzes social ethics as based on a conscious sense of responsibility to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We extend this examination into the realm of institutional development by analyzing the morality of our social institutions through our case studies of contemporary ethical issues. Particular emphasis is placed on Catholic Social Teaching and our response to issues of racism and discrimination, poverty and economic injustice, and violence and war as recurring, broad-based issues that have a tendency to wreak havoc with the moral health of our social institutions. This course has UC approval.

    Instructor: Carroll/Mueller
    Open to: Rising Juniors

    Urban Plunge
    Monday, June 10 8:00am-8:00pm*
    Tuesday, June 11 8:00am-8:00pm*
    *Students will be assigned either the 10th OR the 11th for an Urban Plunge experience, but will not have to go both days. Urban Plunge satisfies a graduation requirement.

    On-Campus Class Meetings
    Wednesday, June 12
    Wednesday, June 19
    Thursday, June 20
    Wednesday, July 10

    Location : MB331
    Maximum enrollment: 36
    Tuition: $1,100

    This course focuses on the ways in which important spiritual truths are found in non-Christian religions. Students learn the practice of interreligious dialogue, including the dialogue of scholars and theologians and the dialogue of shared spiritual experience. In addition, gaining accurate knowledge of other religions and cultures is a significant aspect of the course. Students come to recognize the ways in which other systems of belief and practice differ from Catholicism. This course has UC approval.

    Instructor: Cardamone
    Open to: Rising Juniors
    On-Campus Class Meetings: June 24-26; July 17-19
    Optional Office Hours: June 27 
    Location : MB125
    Maximum enrollment: 18
    Tuition: $1,100
  • SCIENCE - Integrated Science and Engineering

    This semester-long course introduces students to the fundamental processes of science through the exploration of specific topics in modern science. This course will primarily use project-based learning (PBL) as a method to investigate real world problems and develop solutions through scientific investigation and research, and multimedia design and production.
    Dates: July 8-August 9 (5 weeks) Monday and Tuesdays 12:15-3:35
    Instructors: M. Ornelas & M. Judge
    Prerequisites: Open to Rising Freshmen - By invitation only
    Location: Homer 223
    Maximum enrollment per section : 18
    Tuition: $1,100

    Enrollment by invitation only >>
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE - Psychology

    Course Description: Psychology focuses on the fundamental question, "Why do we do what we do?" In this course, we will examine human thought and behavior through reading, discussion, writing, and research. Our investigation will include questions like: How does the brain work? How do we learn and remember? How much are we influenced by our surroundings, and how much are we influenced by in-born traits? How does the presence of others influence our behavior? How can the tools of psychology help us achieve wellness and wholeness? Six on-campus meetings will be held on-campus, and independent assignments must be completed between class sessions. This course has UC approval.

    Instructor: Lindsay Phillips
    Open to: Rising Juniors and Senior
    On-Campus Class Meetings:
    Wednesdays - June 12, June 19, June 26, July 10, July 17, July 24
    Location : MB335
    Maximum enrollment: 18
    Tuition: $1,100


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  • Online Courses

    SHP offers summer long courses in English, Fine Arts, Math, Religious Studies, Science and Social Science. Each semester-long summer course requires 60 hours of coursework including required online work and work in the classroom. Geometry Jump is a year-long course. While in-class meetings vary, per class, please note: all summer classes follow a 6-week schedule and students are expected to keep up with work for the duration of the entire course, both online and in person. Students should check with the course instructor directly for questions about the summer schedule.

    Credit bearing courses will last for 6 weeks following the end of Spring semester. 18 max enrollment per course. Students may choose to take these courses during the summer for a variety of reasons and should work in tandem with their School Counselors when registering for these courses.
    Blended = at least 20% of time students are required to be in classroom with teacher.
    • Course Dates - 6 week blocks, 60 hours for semester long courses; 120 hours for Geo Jump
    • Monday June 10 - Friday, July 19, 2019
    • Vacation Days - TBD
    • "In classroom" dates will vary by teacher; please see course specific information
    • Limit - one core academic course per student
    Please note: The only course open to non-SHP students is Geometry Jump. In order to receive credit for a course, students may miss no more than 10% of in-class meetings and must pass the final exam.  Final exams cannot be taken early and will not be rescheduled to accommodate absences. Due to the blended nature of summer courses, in-class meetings are very important.  For semester long classes, students may have one excused absence. For Geometry Jump, two absences are allowed.  Non-SHP students must complete a transcript request form to receive an official summer school transcript from SHP.
  • Course Withdrawal

    Students may cancel enrollment anytime before summer school begins. The last day you may cancel a class and receive a refund is Wednesday, May 1, 2019. A $100 fee will be deducted from the refund for any class you cancel. No refunds will be given for classes cancelled after the May 1 deadline. Students may drop from a course in the first two weeks of class. The last day to drop a course is Friday, June 21, 2019.

    If a student withdraws from a summer school course after the second week of instruction, the student will receive a "W" on their SHP transcript.  Withdrawals are not allowed beyond the third week of instruction for any reason.  If the course is being taken to fulfill a graduation requirement, the student will need to contact the School Counselor to adjust the Fall course schedule.
  • Tuition

    Summer School Courses: $1,100 per course
    (semester-long courses)

    Senior Writers Workshop: $900

    Geometry Jump: $1,500
    (year-long course)

    Academic Edge: $600 per class
    (three-week course)

    For students who wish to apply for financial aid for Summer School, please contact the Office of EJME at 
    cmunguia@shschools.org or 650-454-8312.
  • Computer Use

    All students will need access to a computer or iPad for the duration of their summer course.  Please contact Dr. McDonald at amcdonald@shschools.org if you do not have access to technology during the summer.

SHP Summer School Policies

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