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Vision/Mission Statement: The Sacred Heart Science program nurtures a deep understanding of science by engaging in content, developing practices, and reinforcing the crosscutting themes relevant to all scientific disciplines. Using a student’s natural curiosity about the world as the foundation of learning, concepts in Earth, Life and Physical Science are explored. At all grade levels, students solve problems, collaborate with each other, and communicate their ideas to improve their critical thinking skills.  Our hope is that students will confidently apply their knowledge and skills to new scientific investigations.
Course Descriptions:

GR 6: Earth Science. Students focus on the study of Earth Systems through Weather and Climate, Geology and Environmental Science and metric measurement. An emphasis is placed on lab practices, appropriate use of lab equipment, data collection and analysis, and constructing arguments based on evidence. Students are presented with current problems in science and are tasked with designing and engineering solutions through research, experimentation, and documentation.

GR 7: Life Science. Students engage with scientific concepts and practices to investigate and study foundational biological topics. After an introductory unit that sets the pace of the course and reviews scientific skills and practices, the course will experiment with light properties and our anatomical relationship with them. We will also look at light’s role in aiding our understanding of different disciplines of life science. Understandings obtained in this unit will then be tied to the use of microscopes and lenses, which will aid the study of cells and their structure, function, and processes. Students will next delve into genetics and heredity, taking a close look at DNA, then end the year exploring how life has changed over time. In conjunction with these themes and units, this course will also incorporate and discuss brain science and cognitive learning. It is the hope that in better understanding the brain and learning, students can then better understand themselves as learners throughout the year.

GR 8: Physical Science. Units of study focus on chemistry, motion, and astronomy. Instruction is committed to emphasizing the scientific process in order to develop practices and build core ideas while also investigating cross-cutting themes. Classes offer frequent hands-on investigations and experiences related to key concepts. Students apply these concepts while developing skills such as predicting outcomes, making careful observations, collecting and organizing data, and reaching appropriate conclusions based on evidence.  Lab work is augmented by reading and note-taking from a textbook and classroom conversations. Personal responsibility, combined with collaboration and communication, are essential for student success.

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Founded by the Society of the Sacred Heart, SHS is a Catholic, independent, co-ed day school for students in preschool through grade 12