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Trust Your ImPULSE: Watch the Holiday Treat

AJ O. ‘27, Heartbeat Staff Writer
This year’s Holiday Treat takes place on Friday, December 15 (separate from the annual tree lighting ceremony), celebrating all the contributions of the SHP Fine Arts, and is a time for students to share their work with the whole community.
If you are a new student, you should definitely check it out, as it’s one of our most anticipated traditions. And even if you are familiar with our Sacred Heart family already, don’t forget to attend in the PAC to support your fellow Gators! You won’t want to miss it. First, the arts show will open in the Campbell Gallery, and shortly after, the Holiday Treat will begin, with events like performances from Acapella, hosted by director Mr. Michael Lomas, our Band, directed by Ms. Stefanie Dubrowski, and our Pulse dance team. Mr. Matthew (Monte) Montenegro, Assistant Principal of Community Life, spoke about how Pulse is preparing for the big day and some things we can expect to see.

Like last year, they plan to have two numbers in the show, one choreographed by new coaches Ms. Alexis Pineda, Dance Teacher, and Ms. Katherine Weston, School Counselor and Assistant Dance Coach, and another entirely student-led choreographed piece, giving students the opportunity to showcase their own ideas and have creative freedom. The performance will be in a slightly new environment this year, as it is indoors, which will make for an exciting change for the dancers. If you are ever interested in joining Pulse and think it may be the thing for you, Monte says it is never too late to get involved. It runs in seasons, so if students ever want to branch out and participate in any of Pulse’s other performances, such as the spring dance concert, performances at games, weekend previews, or even just to come to a couple practices and see how it goes, don’t hesitate to talk to Monte or send him an email to ask about any upcoming events you have the chance to be apart of.

This article was reprinted by permission and originally published in the Heartbeat, November 6, 2023, Publication 3 Edition. The Heartbeat is a monthly (when school is in session) student newspaper distributed on the Sacred Heart Schools, Preparatory campus. SHS Community members* may sign up to have the newspaper delivered to your mailbox. Look for the link to sign up in the SHP Weekly Newsletter or on the SHP Resources tile. 

* SHS Community members include current students and their parents. Other subscribers to the publication may also be requested directly from The Heartbeat at heartbeat@shschools.org.

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