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AP Biology

Photosynthesis Lesson
There are three parts to Monday's lesson in AP Biology.  Students watch a personal tour of Ms. Sweeney's garden, watching plants in action and learn how to "listen" to them.

Then students watch Ms. Sweeney explain the steps of photosynthesis using LEGO models on her patio table. On Zoom, all the students will play the "plant game" using materials that Ms. Sweeney put in individual lockers for them.  The plant game is a competition where students construct a plant and they do photosynthesis.  The strategy is that they have to make decisions about the structures that the plant will build with the glucose produced. Because weather is determined by a roll of a dice, If they make too many leaves, they may run out of water, but if they make too many roots, they might not have enough sugars to make flowers.  The one with the most flowers when winter comes wins a prize hidden in a locker at school.   For homework, they complete color diagrams of the detailed photosynthetic process and write free response questions relating photosynthesis to ecosystems and cellular respiration.  It's a good week in AP Bio all in all.  There can be joy and laughter while learning even at a distance.
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