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Honoring Origins

Cultural sharing in the classrooms and through school-wide holiday celebrations
Part of an ongoing series recognizing the many different cultures represented in the Preschool & Kindergarten (PSK) community, families have been invited to visit the classroom and share a few aspects of their heritage. Differences showcased in the presentations have included language, folktales, dance, music, special foods, and other customs associated with traditional or unique holidays.
Families who gave preschoolers a glimpse into their respective cultural heritage this past year included those who trace their origins to China, Ireland, Denmark, France, Russia, Slovakia, Italy, India, Japan, Spain, England, Trinidad & Tobago, and Canada, as well as those of Jewish and Muslim faiths.
Emphasizing the similarities of world cultures, these heritage activities are an integral part of the PSK Global Studies Montessori curriculum, which encourages experiential learning by exploring the fundamental elements of different cultures worldwide.
The introduction to cultural practices in preschool prepares the students for more robust global studies in the Lower & Middle Schools (LMS).
Lunar New Year is one of many cultural celebrations honored campus wide. The LMS event features a student- and parent-led assembly with traditional dance, musical performances, and educational presentations. Depending on the year, students typically enjoy traditional fare from China, Korea, Vietnam and Japan, and arts and crafts such as calligraphy, flag decorating, and origami. View photos here and here.
Another important cultural celebration in the PSK and LMS is Diwali, the Festival of Lights. Over the years, PSK students have created colorful diayas (clay lamps) and other art pieces, while the LMS hosts an annual educational assembly along with beautiful displays of Rangoli artwork around campus. Check out photos here and here.
El Día de los Muertos is honored in the classrooms at the PSK with parent presentations, and in the LMS classrooms with traditional sugar skull artwork. Depending on the year, special altars are built on campus for the community to honor loved ones, and students engage in projects like researching the life of an RSCJ sister who lived on campus, with their stories shared during a special assembly.
Nowruz, the Persian New Year, is celebrated by the PSK and LMS with the sights and sounds of Persian culture explored through language, dance, music, and traditional food. Check out the photos and videos from this year's assembly.
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