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SHP Drama Club Participates in Disney Workshops

Access to the professional world of musical theater helped students hone drama, dance, and vocal skills
SHP's Drama Club visited Disney over winter break to take part in performing arts workshops (and spend time at Disneyland and Universal Studios). Students experienced an audition like no other in the "Musical Theater Audition" workshop—where the teaching artist critiqued performances as a show director and choreographer, helping instill confidence in each performer. Students learned a selection adapted from a Disney production and gained important insights into performance, and how to land jobs as musical theater professionals.
In "Show Choir," taught by industry professionals, students were ushered through the rehearsal phase all the way to a final performance of Disney show material; the performance was recorded and screened for review.
“Students loved both workshops. Both workshops spoke to perseverance, interview and audition mentality, and putting forth your best effort in school, work, and life. The students were so moved, they hugged and thanked the instructor at the end of the classes,” said Francine Torres, SHP director of drama.

Freshman attendee Grace Duncanson (SHP '22) echoed those sentiments. "The workshops at Disneyland truly inspired me to follow my dreams, find my passion, and give it my all because, [as one of the] instructors said, 'how you do anything is how you do everything.' He taught us that even if we are not interested in pursuing theater in the future, this applies to anything we are passionate about."
Special thanks to the FAB (FINE ARTS BOOSTERS) for helping the Drama Club defray the costs and raise money for endeavors like this.
50 students from the eighth grade music program (symphony, band, and chorus) will also be taking a trip to Disney. Next month the students will perform and collaborate with students from West Covina High School, "for students to experience an 'away' performance, and learn from musicians slightly older than themselves to see what their future years in music might hold. Performing in new and unfamiliar venues helps strengthen a group as well," said Hilary Lewis, director of strings orchestra.
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