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Reopening Plan Spring Term 2021

Health & Safety

SHS Risk Mitigation Cycle

Sacred Heart Schools Atherton has created a strategic multi-layered approach to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and keep everyone as safe as possible on our campus.  Our level of success in this approach and the minimization of COVID-19 instances at school will be determined by everyone’s participation and adherence to the following (see also the attached cyclic chart):

List of 3 items.

  • Individual / Social Responsibility

    We’ve learned that there is no single control strategy that is effective in and of itself against COVID-19. We also know that there is no single person or school that is solely responsible for keeping everyone safe. Collaboration, cooperation and personal responsibility, each individual working in concert with every other individual, are essential in order to reduce the possibility (risk) of COVID-19 transmission on our campus. To that end, policies (e.g. Stay home if sick, Pandemic Addenda, Return to School agreement),procedures (e.g. face coverings, hand washing, wellness checks) and commitments from all community members to comply with public health guidance on and off campus comprise the first several layers of our risk mitigation strategy.
    • Health & Safety Protocols Director Day Training
    • Signage
    • Safety Assessments and Protocol Documents

    • Increased frequency
    • Disinfection between cohorts
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Tents
    • WiFi improvements
    • Air filtration
    • UV lighting
  • Campus Responsibility

    On campus we’ve implemented control strategies meeting public health guidelines and created an additional layered defense strategy, where many interventions have been combined, simultaneously.  Health and safety training of faculty / staff, safety assessments of summer / co-curricular programs, regular and frequent cleaning in accordance with public health recommended guidelines as well as increased and improved teaching spaces have been deployed and will be ongoing. We are also reviewing and updating procedures on an ongoing basis as we learn more from public health authorities.

    Nothing creates “zero risk,” certainly not during a pandemic where community transmission by individuals showing no symptoms continues. However, scientific evidence indicates that risks to students, faculty and staff can be controlled if we adhere to the measures we’ve put in place.
    • Follow all school health and safety policies
    • Comply with public health guidance away from campus
    • Limit gatherings off campus
    • Report symptoms and exposure to school
    • Hand washing
    • Face coverings
    • Limited gatherings
    • Physical distancing
    • Daily questions
    • Process for flagged responses
    • Isolation and quarantine
  • Verification Responsibility

    Even with the best control strategies in place, there will be cases in our community. To limit the number of cases that develop we are organizing faculty, staff, and students into small non-mixing groups (cohorts) in accordance with state and county public health guidelines, requiring daily health screenings for everyone who comes on campus, leveraging daily check ins / outs for contact tracing and developing plans for virus testing for faculty, staff and students. We also need every member of our community to notify us immediately if they have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID or have been exposed to someone with a suspected or confirmed case.
    This flexible and adaptive approach will allow us to dynamically respond to positive cases.
    No one control strategy alone can limit the transmission of disease.  The best way to help stem introduction of the virus onto our campus and to help mitigate any infectious spread, is to closely follow the guidelines in this multi-layered approach.  These simple steps are for the benefit, continued health and wellbeing of each and every member of Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton.  Sacred Heart will continue to advocate for and enforce (where applicable) full compliance on our campus.

    • Minimize mixing
    • Ability to minimize the scope of an outbreak
    • Daily check-in / check out
    • Activities system to track participation
    • Faculty and staff
    • Weekly cadence
    • Students when possible

More Information

Health Guidelines for All Grades


  • The school has set quarantines following major school vacations
  • Students are expected to be back at home during these quarantine periods
  • If your family must travel outside these vacation windows, please notify the school. In most cases, your child will join a virtual cohort for 2 weeks following travel.

Socializing Outside the Cohort

  • In the purple tier, no indoor gatherings are permitted beyond the immediate household and outdoor gatherings may only include up to three households. The school reminds families to avoid socializing outside the school cohort, even in limited capacities, as this introduces additional risks of exposure for everyone in the cohort.
  • We understand there may be times this is unavoidable. If your child must be in contact with others outside the school cohort, these interactions should be outdoors and all participants should be wearing facial coverings at all times.

Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton

Director of Campus Safety and Security: shall@shschools.org
General Questions: webmaster@shschools.org

Prioritizing Safety, Continuity, Flexibility

This plan includes all information to the date:
February 1, 2021

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