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The Robotics program at Sacred Heart is open to all students of all ages and abilities. Sacred Heart's mission is to educate the whole child, and the Robotics program accomplishes this by:

  • instilling a lifelong love of learning
  • making students passionately curious about the world
  • emphasizing the importance of communication and teamwork
  • promoting critical thinking in an atmosphere of wise freedom
  • seeing failure as an integral component to achieving success
  • using our skills and resources to help others who are less fortunate
We believe that passion, curiosity, and learning are fueled by robotics competitions, as well as offering a course in the Creative Inquiry Department for students to expand their horizons and build a project of their own choosing.

Current Robotics Projects

FIRST Tech Challenge 2017 Robot 
Our Gatorbot Team  of 25 (grades 8-12) is currently preparing our "SteamWorks" robot for competition

Prosthetic Hand
In development, our student is working to create 3D printed hand prosthetics for

T-Shirt Launcher
Conversion of a Gatlin gun into a remote-controlled launcher for commercial use

Creation of an imaging drone

Upcoming Events

  • Jan 9, FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) kickoff, DREAM Lab
  • Jan 7-Feb 21, FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) build season, DREAM Lab
  • Mar 8-11, FIRST Robotics Competition Tournament, San Diego
  • Apr 5-8, FIRST Robotics Competition Tournament, Las Vegas


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