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The After School Music Academy offers students the opportunity for in-depth study of a musical instrument on campus after school. Professional musicians offer private instruction in piano, guitar, ukulele, and violin; as well as trumpet, clarinet, sax, flute, and cello by special arrangement. The culmination and highpoint of the year is a celebratory recital for parents and friends. Register below to save your spot!

For questions about the program, please contact the program coordinator, David Chiorini at

Use the form below to indicate interest in the After School Music Academy.

Please fill out one form per student.

Upon submission, we will reach out to you to organize your music lessons and payment.
By selecting yes, I certify that I have read all of the information on the music lessons webpage and that I will adhere to these policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the Parent's Role?

    Your most important role is to be a cheerleader, and to let your children know how much you like to hear them play. When you're able, sit down with them at practice time and it will make music even more special to them. Listen to music with them, take them to concerts, and show them that music is fun and important to you.
    On a practical level, you will need to provide an instrument and establish a routine for regular practice. It's essential that your child attends regularly and brings the assigned music each week.
    The teacher will offer guidance on renting or purchasing instruments, expectations for practicing at home, and tips for helping the child succeed. Parents are welcome to observe lessons by arrangement with the teacher.
  • Who are the teachers?

    All of our instructors are highly trained performing musicians and experienced teachers who love working with kids.
  • What does it cost?

    Tuition is charged per year or per semester. The Enrichment Program fee for registration is $70 for the year or $35 per semester.

    Monday Lessons—Annual, Sept 12th-June 5th (30 lessons) = $1500.00
    Fall only, Sept 12th-Dec 12th (12 lessons) = $600.00
    Winter/Spring only, Jan 9th-May 22nd (16 lessons) = $800.00

    Tuesday Lessons—Annual, Sept 6th-June 6th (35 lessons) = $1750.00
    Fall only, Sept 16th-Dec 13th (15 lessons) = $750.00
    Winter/Spring only, Jan 10th-May 30th (19 lessons) = $950.00

    Wednesday Lessons—Annual, Sept 7th-May 31st (34 lessons) = $1700.00
    Fall only, Sept 7th-Dec 14th (14 lessons) = $700.00
    Winter/Spring only, Jan 4th-May 31st (20 lessons) = $1000.00

    Thursday Lessons—Annual, Sept 8th-June 1st (34 lessons) = $1700.00
    Fall only, Sept 8th-Dec 15th (14 lessons) = $700.00
    Winter/Spring only, Jan 5th-June 1st (20 lessons) = $1000.00

    For 45 minute lessons, multiply the dollar amount by 1.5. For 60 minute lessons, multiply the dollar amount by 2.
  • What if my child misses a lesson or discontinues?

    Student absences are not made up (this includes sports, school play, illness, etc). In the event that a teacher is absent, the lesson will be taught by a qualified sub, made up, or credited.

    Because teachers prepare specifically for each day’s lessons, parents must give 24 hours advance notice of absences.

    Lessons begin September 6, 2016 and commitments are either for the Full School Year, the Fall Session, and/or the Winter/Spring Session (per your registration).
  • How do I sign up and when will I know my child's lesson time?

    In the 2016/17 school year we will be offering a Full School Year registration. Students with a Full School Year commitment will be given priority in choice of lesson days/times. We also offer the option to register by semester for either Fall commitment and/or Winter/Spring commitment (please note Winter/Spring is considered 1 session). Additionally, we will have one recital for the school year, in the Spring.
    Students must be registered online before a teacher and lesson time will be arranged.
    Registration for the Full School Year/Fall session opens Monday August 22, 2016. Registration for the Winter/Spring Session opens Monday Dec 5, 2016.
  • When do lessons take place?

    Lessons are scheduled during Enrichment Program hours (dismissal to 6 p.m.) in 30, 45, or 60 minute windows. Lessons meet on the days that Enrichment is open, including Parent Conference Days, but not during school holidays or half days.
  • How do I pay?

    After the program coordinator confirms your day and time, you will need to pay. You may pay online with your credit card. Payment is required at the time you confirm your registration. If your child is scheduled for a day of the week with extra holidays, it is factored into the tuition charge.

    Online Payment >>

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