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Student Film Fest (SHPIFF)

International Student Film Fest ... for You!

This page is for reference and will be updated each year when new information is available.

What: The 5th Annual Sacred Heart Prep International Student Film Festival (SHPIFF) is a showcase of work by high school filmmakers from around the world.

Who: Active young filmmakers – here in the Bay Area of San Francisco or further afield in storybook lands like Japan, the United Kingdom, or Brazil. That means YOU!

Where: At our dear school nestled in the heart of the innovation capital of the world: Silicon Valley.
Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton, Harman Auditorium.

Film Screening: April 27, 2018 at 8p.m.

There are 5 categories for films:
  1. Drama: any serious-minded fictional story telling, like: family/relationship drama, thriller, horror, suspense, adventure, romance. Make us think, cry, feel, cringe, or all of the above!
  2. Comedy/Musical: music videos, comic sketches, satire, mockumentary, dance videos, extreme tomfoolery. Put us in stitches, give us knee-slappers, drop real zingers!
  3. Documentary Enlighten us! Tell a real story! Be the detective of truth!
  4. Experimental: avant-garde, art house, surrealism, cinematic poetry, personal expression, artistic interpretation, abstraction. Mad scientists of the silver screen, blow our minds!
  5. Social Justice: our special theme, which can overlap with categories above: social crusading, political provocation, spurring to action. Ignite the flames of change!
At the screening, there will be four monetary prizes for:
  1. Audience Choice Award: This award will be given to the submission that receives the most votes from our live audience on the day of the event.
  2. Best Picture: This award will be decided on by panel members outside of our schools who have previous experience with film.
  3. Most Daring: This prize is awarded to the short film that has the most ambitious, creative concept. Not necessarily the best film, but one that attempts to, and partially succeeds in exploring a daring new idea will win this award.
  4. Social Justice: The winner of this prize will be the strongest submission fitting into the Social Justice category described above.
The winner for each prize wins $50.00 — that's $200.00 in prizes total!
Join us for the live event and vote for your favorite film! SHPIFF will be broadcast live online, and available for viewing thereafter.

-The SHPIFF Team
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