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Videos from Final TEDx Event Now Live

Watch individual speakers’ videos from TEDxSacredHeartSchoolsAtherton’s third and final event
Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton (SHS) held the third and final part of its virtual Humanness – Citizens of the Earth TEDxSacredHeartSchoolsAtherton event on April 22, with over 100 individual viewers logging in to watch the livestream of seven Sacred Heart Preparatory (SHP) student speakers, hosted by Alekos Kapur (SHP ’21).
A very limited in-house audience watched the speakers perform on campus at the Campbell Performing Arts Center; attendance was limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. View the recordings of each talk at the links below and view the TEDxSacredHeartSchoolsAtherton photo album from the event. 
“We appreciate all the love and support for the speakers—we had many wonderful questions posed to our speakers,” said SHS Director of Technology Joy Lopez, who headed up the event. “We are still determining the theme of [next year’s event] but are hoping to open it up to the middle school students as well.”
Harsimran Chohan (SHP ’22)
“I found myself at the same precipice with the same question and that is why I am here again, today. If we truly want to create change in a sustainable manner, we must address and investigate the problem at hand. Reflecting and researching the original question, I realized financial literacy is not accessible to minority populations, thus it perpetuates a system of racial and gender discrimination,” says Chohan.

Harsimran Chohan (SHP ’22) is active within her school community and holds leadership positions on the Model UN Team, SHP Connections Committee, and Global Researching & Consultation (GRC) Program. Outside of school, Harsimran is training as a student pilot, works as a paddle-boarding/kayaking instructor, and plays club field hockey. Harsimran has always been interested in the arts participating in school plays and a Bhangra (Indian dance) group since kindergarten. She aspires to pursue a career in law or psychology.
With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing individuals to self-isolate, many people were left with little motivation to exercise. Peloton was able to capitalize on humanity’s inherent need to associate with others, leading me to create this TEDx talk not only to acknowledge the global workout community Peloton has facilitated but also to explain the immense psychological and neurological benefits of group exercise over independent workouts.
Janie Morganroth (SHP ‘22) is an avid runner and has served as co-captain of her high school’s varsity Cross Country and Track and Field teams. In addition to athletics, she is an advocate against sex trafficking in the Bay Area and holds leadership positions with a local rescue organization and SHP’s Women’s Group. Outside of school, Janie enjoys spending time mentoring kids which includes running and training regularly with young female athletes and playing with her own three younger brothers! She hopes to pursue a career in neurobiology. 
Connor Fitzpatrick (SHP ’21)
The RSCJ are an endangered group and soon, in our lifetimes, they may all be gone. Over the past year I created a TEDx Talk to highlight them and their work and to examine the dwindling numbers of RSCJ vocations. The RSCJ’s numbers are plummeting which is a problem not only for the Order but also for the world the Order worked to educate. I interviewed the Sisters on Sacred Heart’s campus as well as a former Superior General Mother to learn why vocations are decreasing and what can be done to increase them. I also got a chance to hear their stories and motivations for why they became and, sometimes more interestingly, remained nuns.
There isn’t a subject or class that Connor Fitzpatrick (SHP ’21) does not love but his favorite is religion because it is the most interdisciplinary and includes virtually every subject such as history, science, literature, language, culture, theology, anthropology, etc. He has a blast rowing crew for NorCal Crew in Redwood City and spending time with his family and two dogs. He grew up visiting the 50 elderly Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) nuns on Sacred Heart’s campus and has always felt a special affection for them and their mission.
Anne-Sophie Lacombe Garcia (SHP ’21)
Out of the Tunnel

"Even though some would say I had to grow up too quickly, I would say I learned what love is too early," says Lacombe Garcia, a self-reliant young woman, who had a first-hand experience of loss and grief. "I realized that the worst fear of any child—losing a parent—had already happened. So, there was nothing more to fear." In this emotional talk, she reveals the painful dilemma between suffering and compassion; an imbalance that stops us from achieving our full potential. "Suffering and loss don’t necessarily have to be enemies that we spend our whole lives hating," Lacombe Garcia says.
Anne-Sophie Lacombe Garcia is a 2021 graduate of Sacred Heart Preparatory. Born to a French father and Mexican mother, she was exposed to a diversity of experiences from a very young age. Whether she is performing on stage or working within her community through service, Anne-Sophie loves helping others see the world through the lens of compassion.
Armin Hamrah (SHP ’23)
Living in the epicenter of an often sleep-deprived and constantly working Silicon Valley, Armin hopes to share an innovative practice that doesn’t compromise work or valuable sleep time. In fact, he hopes using the technique of lucid dreaming as a mechanism for experiences that otherwise might not fit in our busy lives will encourage viewers to sleep more and reap the cognitive benefits.
An avid TED Talk watcher, Armin Hamrah (SHP ’23) is intrigued by sleep science and hoping to study cognitive science in the near and distant future. Armin’s favorite ways to pass time are playing chess, soccer, and speaking with people of diverse backgrounds, all of which revolve around real-life, human interactions. 
Selma O’Malley (SHP ’22)
Technology is rapidly becoming a very large part of our lives, but that isn’t always a bad thing. Exoskeletons are a type of machine that assist people with physical movement, from those whose jobs involve heavy lifting to people with paralysis. Despite the recency of this technology, it is predicted that exoskeleton use will be widespread in the future for everyone. Join me as we learn more about what our future holds for us and our relationship with movement through this amazing technology.  
Aside from creating a TEDx Talk, Selma O’Malley (SHP ’22) spends her time playing basketball and lacrosse, participating in student life, and finding interesting and awe-inspiring stories.
Journalism has the ability to create powerful social, economic, and political change. This is especially true when it comes to the environment. It is essential that local, school, and even national newspapers make changes in order to put a greater emphasis on the importance of the environment, and what we can do for it now.
By having a passion for English and journalism, especially with how it impacts society, Adrian de Vernou (SHP ’22) was compelled to give a TEDx Talk focused on how journalism impacts the environment. After taking a course in environmental studies, it changed the way he viewed our Earth and its future, but it especially compelled him to go out and teach others about the subject.
Find the links to view recordings from the first part of the event held last year here: Humanness Spring 2020 TEDxSacredHeartSchoolsAtherton and the second part of the event held in January here.
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