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SHS’ Educators of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (ESCJ) group--also known as Network “Keepers of the Flame”--comprise approximately 20 faculty and staff who actively advocate and support the charism and heritage of the RSCJ, and help ensure the broader school community’s adherence to living the Goals and Criteria.

ESCJ Mission

To affirm our school community in its adherence to the mission of Sacred Heart education, and to help us to learn more about the charism and heritage of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

ESCJ History at SHS

In 2005, a group of concerned Sacred Heart educators called an ad hoc meeting to discuss recently proposed revisions to the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart schools. These revisions had been written by SHCOG, the Sacred Heart Commission on Goals, and all Sacred Heart schools in the U.S. had been asked to respond to the proposed changes. As the meeting progressed, we became increasingly aware of two things.

First, and perhaps most notably, we felt very strongly our collective passion for the Goals and Criteria, which hold the Sacred Heart Network schools together, which underpin everything we do at Sacred Heart, and on which we rely to justify our work in and out of the classroom. Second, we realized that we were operating in a sort of vacuum in terms of how our colleagues at other schools were responding to the revisions.

At the end of our meeting, it was clear that we were all participating in something amazing: a grassroots outpouring of passionate attachment to the philosophy of Sacred Heart education as it was expressed in the 1990 Goals and Criteria. Following we chose to create a group of faculty and staff on our campus similar in spirit to both the Sacred Heart Society, and to an idea proposed by the Network of Sacred Heart Schools in the 1980s: the creation of an “ESCJ” [“Educateurs du Sacre´ Coeur de Jesus,” or “Educators of the Sacred Heart of Jesus”] group, whose purpose would be to promote the heritage, charism and mission of Sacred Heart education at a grass-roots level.


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    James Everitt Ed.D. 

    Chief Mission, Culture & Strategy Officer
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