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Campus Life

Health & Wellness

St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

Education must be concerned not only with studies, but also with whatever may be required for the right ordering of life and requirements of cultivated society.

The SHS Commitment

Intrinsic to a Sacred Heart education is the development of self. Central to this idea, is the individual achievement of "healthy balance" - in academics, extracurriculars and outside activities, family and social time, good nutrition and fitness habits, and other. 

Begun in 2015, SHS initiated its "Health & Wellness" initiative, to identify a range of areas in which the school can help support students in finding personal balance and maintaining physical and mental wellbeing. 

Among current resources available to students are the 1:1 Counseling Services, on-campus Health Services, and the Epicurean Campus Dining program.

In addition, several parent education programs are held throughout the year, exploring current research and related topics of interest and featuring speakers from the medical, educational, and counseling fields.

SHS is also consortia member of the Common Ground Speaker Series, which offers top-flight lectures and panel discussions covering health, parenting, and education topics.
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Founded by the Society of the Sacred Heart, SHS is a Catholic, independent, co-ed day school for students in preschool through grade 12