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College Counseling

Role of Counselor

Our belief is that a student comes to our office with the tools needed to make wise choices about college and the college application process, and that our role is to aid and support that student in the journey of selecting a school. We seek to provide the individual and community information, advice, and support necessary to clarify the college process, and to lead each student to optimal success. We hope to empower students to take charge of the process for themselves as they move toward a goal of personal responsibility and self-advocacy in college, and in the future.

The College Counselors serve as the link between students and colleges, providing insight into a student’s strengths and accomplishments in the context of our community. It is our pleasure to serve as advocates for the students of Sacred Heart, and to share in their eventual successes as they move on to the next step of their education.

Counselors will work to help students identify their strengths, needs, and expectations for college, and to reinforce each student’s innate worthiness to pursue a college education. We hope to serve as a constant reminder that who an individual is will neither be enhanced, nor diminished, based on where that student is accepted to college.
Founded by the Society of the Sacred Heart, SHS is a Catholic, independent, co-ed day school for students in preschool through grade 12