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From freshman year to senior year, Sacred Heart Preparatory’s rigorous academic program challenges students to think critically about society and its values, to thoughtfully participate in the exchange of ideas, to develop a social awareness supported by individual action, and to grow spiritually by connecting personal beliefs with contemporary culture.

The SHP curriculum emphasizes serious study and social responsibility, grounded in strong faith and taught in small, seminar-style classes. Teachers employ a wide variety of assessment methods, including objective and free response tests, essays, research papers, oral presentations, group projects, and performances. SHP students typically take six academic courses per semester, and complete a total of eight semesters of religious studies, which is taught from an inclusive, Christian framework.

A strong interdisciplinary approach, integration of experiential service learning, and lively classroom analysis, debate, and discussion further enrich the SHP student experience and deepen the learning process. Additionally, exploring the relationship between faith and reason, students develop an appreciation for the role of prayer and reflection in the intellectual life.

Academic Policies

SHP requirements for graduation meet or exceed other independent or Catholic schools in the area, and student performance on national standardized tests reflects the high academic standards in place. Students find themselves extraordinarily well prepared for college, university life and beyond.

Advanced Courses

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  • Advanced Placement (AP)

    Advanced placement courses are offered in 20 subjects across the curriculum, and students enrolled in AP courses are required to take the respective offered exam. Approximately 450 AP exams are administered each May, more than 80 percent of which receive passing scores.

    AP Courses offered
    • Computer Science (Computer Science, Computer Science Principles)
    • English (Language, Literature)
    • Fine Arts (Music Theory, Photography and Studio Art)
    • Math (Calculus, Statistics)
    • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics)
    • Social Science (US Government, US History, World History)
    • World Languages (French, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish)
  • Honors Courses

    Freshman honors courses are available in Math, Science and World Languages. In all other subject areas, honors courses are available beginning in the sophomore year.
  • Independent Study

    The Senior Honors Independent Study Program serves a highly motivated group of students who wish to pursue an area of special academic interest during a semester of their senior year. Participants must qualify for the program by taking the most rigorous courses (i.e., honors and AP) in the relevant subject area over their preceding three years at SHP and, subsequently, earning an A average in all courses in this subject area. They must also submit an application that includes a statement of purpose, a detailed bibliography, letters of recommendation, and letters of support from three off-campus mentors (university professors or professionals with expertise in the selected subject area) who agree to work with the student. Applications are officially approved by a review committee that comprises the SHP Department Heads, the SHIS Coordinator, and the Assistant Principal for Academic Life. Students collaborate with an on-campus mentor in the sponsoring department who oversees progress, meets regularly with the student, and does all assessment. Students offer a 30- to 45-minute presentation at the end of the semester, during which they discuss their research and conclusions. These presentations provide a question and answer session at the end of each presentation and are open to students, faculty, staff, trustees and parents.

Distinguished Programs

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  • Creative Inquiry Lab

    The SHS Creative Inquiry Lab seeks to develop in students the mind-sets, dispositions, and qualities of character that define a creative, collaborative person. To achieve this end, the Lab supports and facilitates creative action in in whatever form it may take-- mechanical, artistic, entrepreneurial, innovation, advocacy, and social justice, to name a few.

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  • SHS Farm & Gardens

    Under supervision of the farm & garden program directors the school's one-acre organic vegetable garden is maintained by Sacred Heart students and faculty as a component of Sustainable Agriculture and Modern World History courses.   Students in science, art, English and world language classes harvest produce from the garden as well as fruit from the school's orchard and olives from the two on-campus olive groves, the heritage grove and the garden grove. Students also care for the animals on the school's farm which include dairy goats, laying hens, rabbits and ducks.

    Sacred Heart was the first school in San Mateo County to be approved by the Environmental Health Services Division to use organic fruits and vegetables grown in its garden and orchard for preparation in its school cafeteria. Vegetables as well as olive oil, caramel sauce, honey, salsa, eggs, cheese, jam and soap produced by students and faculty are shared with the school cafeteria and are also available through the school's CSA program, on-campus farmer's markets and the holiday boutique.
  • Academic Support Center (ASC)

    The SHP Academic Support Center (ASC) provides dedicated learning support for students with mild to moderate learning differences in grades 9-12, their families, and faculty to ensure the academic success of each student throughout high school and in preparation for the transition to college. Open daily and staffed with five full-time teachers and a board-certified educational therapist, the ASC learning specialists are an essential resource for students, applying all available tools, strategies and best practices.

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  • Service Learning

    Strongly connected with the mission of the school, service learning is integrated throughout the SHP educational program. Through the SHP Service Learning program, students develop civic leadership skills, think critically about the world around them, and learn how to take immediate action in support of social justice or to effect social change. A requirement for graduation, service projects engage students in local, national, and international communities, empowering them to identify with and act on behalf of marginalized communities.

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  • Global Initiatives

    The development of a strong global perspective, cross-cultural understanding, and caring, human relationships is at the heart of St. Madeleine Sophie’s vision for the Society of the Sacred Heart. Global Initiatives at SHP span both the academic and experiential, and are deeply rooted in the spirit of the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria.

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List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Jennifer Whitcomb

    Jennifer Whitcomb Ph.D. 

    Principal & English Teacher - SHP
  • Photo of Lauren Benjamin

    Lauren Benjamin 

    Asst. Principal Mission & Culture & Dance Teacher - SHP
  • Photo of Daniel Brady

    Daniel Brady 

    Asst. Principal of Strategic Projects & Creative Inquiry Department Head - SHP
  • Photo of Diana Neebe

    Diana Neebe Ed.D 

    Asst. Principal of Instruction & Faculty Development & English Teacher - SHP
  • Photo of Jorge Reyes

    Jorge Reyes 

    Asst. Principal Curriculum & Academics & Math Teacher - SHP
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